Welcome to Moorcar

Moorcar Car Club "car rental on your doorstep". Instead of all the costs of running your own car, members only drive when they need to and walk or take the bus.

You can hire a car by the hour or the day if you want.  You only need to show your documents when you join then pay as you go. Joining a car club can save you money and help the environment.

Moorcar is a social enterprise trading for local people, Moorcar is run by its members and our mission is to help other communities start car clubs and together make sharing access to cars a realistic alternative to owning ever more private vehicles.

Time to check out BlablaCar  ridesharing and here is the how:

book and pay for rides

According to BlaBlaCar, the average long distance car trip in Europe has only 1.7 people per vehicle. That rate is even lower in cities. That has clear negative impacts for the environment too, because cars are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

"We enable private individuals to share gas and toll expenses, and allow passengers to have access to affordable transportation," Diane Prebay, the global public relations coordinator of BlaBlaCar, says. "What we're doing is not an on-demand service, it's about cost splitting."



Latest News

Welcome to Moorcar in 2021,

Our telematic car club www.e-cocars.com has been operating very successfully with our partner Letsgo car club in Denmark for over four years.  The Letsgo booking platform hosts thousands of cars across Denmark and Norway as part of their not for private profit operation.  These include over 500 electric vehicles in Bergen and Oslo.

Since 2002 we have been working with small community based car clubs to provide the best mutually owned and co-operative service.

Moorcar still offers a low cost route to setting up a car club and after over eighteen years we will be pleased to share the lessons we have learnt along the way.

Do call Jeremy on 07753325014 if you want to discuss how to start up a new car club or how to access the www.moorcar.co.uk or www.e-cocars.com platforms.