How to join Moorcar


3 steps to drive away

Eligibility for membership

Anyone with a valid driving licence can join.  We need to see a copy of your licence and also ask you to share your licence details with us through the DVLA link (see below).

1/  Register on-line

This form is designed to allow you to choose a username and password.  All the relevant information is then collated in one driver insurance declaration form.

The application requires Moorcar to collect your personal data, driving licence information and driving history.  

We ask you to go to and share the check code with us. 

2/ Joining fee

The joining fee is £25 per person or £50 per household.  We will send you our bank details so you can pay this.  

3/  Share your licence details

Please send a copy of the licence front and back of a picture licence, the DVLA check code and the signed application form to Moorcar, 62 Westabrook, Ashburton TQ13 7QT.   You can also email it to [email protected]

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