NamePer mileup to 3 hrsup to 6 hrsup to 9 hrsup to 12 hrsDay Rate
Moorcar Seat£ 0.40£ 4.00 / hr£ 4.00 / hr£ 4.00 / hr£ 4.00 / hr£ 30.00
Moorcar Aygo£ 0.32£ 3.50 / hr£ 3.50 / hr£ 3.50 / hr£ 3.50 / hr£ 27.00

Our Charges

Explanation of Moorcar costs

Membership fees

Annual membership is free. Joining fee is £25, or £50 for a family or household. Every driver must have a full licence and register their details with Moorcar. 

Hourly bookings

The charging day usually starts at 7.30am until 22.30pm.  Moorcar will always try to offer the best value and charge the most economical rate. 

The minimum charge period is 1 hour. If you book a 1/2 hour slot you will be charged for 1 hour.  After one hour you will be charged in 1/2 hour increments.

After you have made a booking the website will show you the approximate cost of that booking without the mileage.  This is a guide only.  You can review your completed bookings at anytime, again this is only an estimate. 

By clicking to confirm a booking you are agreeing to the Moorcar terms and conditions.  If you want to compare these charges to your current use of a car use this Car cost calculator.


Members only pay for the fuel they use in terms of miles travelled.  This is calculated from the trip sheet record in the vehicle and added to the total costs of each journey made.